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Here it is welcome to have kids screaming.


Mazuna Okata, 35, on Happy Lawson convenience store, a kid-friendly store with a play area in Yokohama. Japanese convenience stores are starting to cater more to the needs of families. (Washington Post)

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That really is "convenient". Too bad they don't have such a service at a place where a parent will be spending more time, though, like a grocery store. Or work.

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Here it is welcome to have kids screaming

What does this mean?

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it means this place is fun fun safety kids can be enjoy with loud noise yes

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BlackFlag: nice one :-D

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You may say I'm a screamer, but I'm not the only one. Here it is welcome to have kids screaming.

Imagine all the screamers. Convenience families screaming, kid-friendly screaming kids: Screams welcome, welcome needs of screamer convenience family, welcome.

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