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How can this small group of experts make such a significant decision so quickly?


Yasuo Echizen, mayor of the village of Higashidori in Aomori Prefecture, disputing the findings by five Nuclear Regulatory Agency experts that the crush zones at the Higashidori nuclear power plant are highly likely to be active faults. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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What, he thinks Significant = Slow? Always? Japan's debt is HUGE and very SIGNIFICANT, should they take years to decide that?

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How could a small groups of "so-called" experts conclude in the past that there is no fault line? No matter how you put it, the typical conclusion of "sufficient safety" is normally based on unscientific and biased approaches as experience tells us time and again. Real scientists would never claim that there is no fault line - they would claim that they do not have any clear indications of a fault line.

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Interesting that a mayor would react so negatively towards news like this. Clearly the only potential disasters he cares about are kickbacks not being recieved.

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