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How could they take money by taking advantage of the weakness of an individual?


Kazuo Hayashi, expressing his anger at the two doctors who accepted money to administer a fatal injection to his daughter Yuri who suffered from degenerative muscle disorder amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and who apparently decided she did not want to live after corresponding with one of the doctors on a social network site for several months. The two doctors were not her attending physicians.

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She made an extremely difficult decision and then arranged to carry it through. Weakness of body, maybe, but not weakness of mind.

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Describing Yuri as weak is extremely patronising and lacks empathy.

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The country needs a discussion.

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That's murder, plain and simple. Paying for someone to kill you. If it was out of mercy, it would have been free.

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It’s assisted suicide. Not murder. She wanted to die. The doctors should not be punished

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As a rule, "taking advantage of the weakness of an individual" does not involve conversing with them over several months while they come to a difficult decision.

I clicked on this story thinking it was going to be about compulsive gamblers, or ore-ore telephone calls, or snake oil salesmen.

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How could they take money by taking advantage of the weakness of an individual?

Had Yuri the strength to jump in front of a train, no-one would bat an eyelid.

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