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How late will restaurants be allowed to stay open? Everything depends on that - hiring people, ordering supplies.


Shigenori Ishii, an official at the Japan Food Service Association, a 75,000-member strong industry group. Businesses, wary of another pandemic wave through winter, are not rehiring laid-off staff or ordering more supplies until they know more about what the reopening scheme will look like and how long they can stay open. Local authorities have been largely left to fend for themselves, creating a patchwork of rules and compliance schemes.

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Let the restaurants open as long as they want.

If they have customers until next morning, so let them be open until next morning.

Let business be running well and successful.

Re-hire the laid off staff.

Give the people a chance to earn money and bring food on the table.

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I did hear from some coworkers and friends that they realized the benefits of going home after work in the last 18 months rather than habitually going to restaurants or Izakaya. Not too much excitement about reopening.

I hope this feeling isn’t too widespread. If it is, a lot of businesses are going to go under.

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No....these past 19 months have taught us that closing these restaurants has been disasterous and probably very little effect upon case numbers. If YOU don't want to stay later than 9, then YOU go home....leave us that do want to stay drinking and eating later.......it has nothing to do with "staying late at the office" or doing overtime.....that is a separate issue that should be resolved on its own.

I Love that bars and restaurants are open here late, lets get back to normal, because the covid way of living sucks

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To all the people saying we don't need to go to restaurants

No one is saying that.

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All the restaurants in my area, save McDonald's and izakayas, have all kept the operating hours of the SOE. One owner told me he realized it costs more to stay open later, pay the staff and electricity, etc., and there are far fewer customers. So unless he gets a private party, he's going to keep it to minimal staff and hours (and he said he DID get assistance money, and plans to travel with it).

So, yeah, let them keep the hours they want, since they already are.

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Robots are usually the solution to these problems.

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Maybe the law should be flipped?

All restaurants and izakayas shall be required by law to stay open every day until the last drop of alcohol in the establishment is consumed by customers and/or staff.

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To all the people saying we don't need to go to restaurants, I'd like to hear a comprehensive plan for how to deal with unemployment that doesn't involve the government borrowing money to shower on the public with no long-term plan to get through this.

Kneejerk reactions in a panic might have been justifiable last year but more sensible approaches are needed now

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