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How much of a risk of these sort of incidents do they (authorities) believe exists along local lines with fewer passengers? Forcing us to take countermeasures designed by taking into account only the circumstances in Tokyo will simply cause trouble.


An executive of a small railway operator. Financially struggling railway operators say they are at a loss over how to deal with the government’s push to have security cameras installed on new trains, prompted by a series of high-profile assaults on passengers.

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-installed on new trains.

Don't buy new trains, especially if you are struggling. Refurbish the existing ones. You won't need to install cameras then. I've been on some of the older, private trains in Japan and what they lack in modern design and features, they make up for in retro charm and instagram appeal.

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My local line is struggling heavily and definitely can't afford this. The executive here is spot on. There's hardly ever any incidents on these trains out here. It's so unnecessary to do this.

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Aren't these cameras cheap?

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RecklessToday  11:28 am JST

Aren't these cameras cheap?

Yes but the cameras are only a small part of the overall system.

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