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I’m glad that the court recognized my husband’s hard work and the power harassment he suffered.


The 50-year-old widow of a Toyota Motor Corp employee, speaking to reporters after the Nagoya High Court ruled that the man's 2010 suicide was due to power harassment and overwork that plunged him into depression, overturning a lower court ruling that rejected any tie between the man (then 40), his work and condition.

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Good. Let that be a lesson to all companies. I've seen it, and it's not benign.

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And will Toyota have to pay large sums of money to her? Possibly other victims of their internal work culture and oppressive management style?

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The HR in Japanese companies is very passive and will protect the company and bad managers at the expense of subordinates that complain. Unfortunately consequences are so minimal and unlikely that companies have no incentive to change.

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@Laguna, good thing you have just seen it. Me, I've experienced it time and again.

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