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I am appalled at his flip-flopping on running, as he had repeatedly said he would seek re-election. The remarks of the country's top leader have changed every day.


Former internal affairs minister Sanae Takaichi, commenting on Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's announcement that he would not run in the Sept 29 LDP leadership election. Takaichi is one candidate running for the top post.

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And this was the 'power' behind Japan's longest running PM?

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I am appalled

How about livid, disgusted, incredulous? Poor Suga-san just can't get a break.

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Despite doing the dirty work of his master Shinzo for 10 years, Suga was kicked out as he was dragging the party down, and the real leaders wouldn't accept the possibility of losing seats in the autumn election.

Takaichi has no chance of course, as her friendship with the leader of the National Socialist Party of Japan and her admiration of the Nazis election strategy (like Aso), would preclude any further promotion.



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Yeah, it seems the women in the LDP are just as dangerous and crazy as the men. I hope she never gets any more power than she has now.

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Why aren't the feminists clamouring for her election?

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And that exactly sums up the current situation. Opinions change according to the weather, statements change according to the current situation, and actions change according to how it suits one. She makes it sound like she thinks women in government have some say here. No one here listens to them in here and won't for a long time, because as one dinosaur said, "women are noisy". At least she could stop pretending that the PM is in charge of the government and the head of Japan.

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Not surprising though, is it? The methods of a "fixer" are not the same as leadership talent and so-called gravitas.

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I said it before

Suga will be thrown under the bus, made to fall on his sword, whatever, while the LDP try distance themselves from him and try to salvage the election. He'll get a nice severance package and continue to be the whipping boy verbally as they try to cling to power.

Lets hope the people here are smart enough to vote them out.

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