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I am outraged because the sharp increase in the number of infected among U.S. military personnel suggests that their management is insufficient.


Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki, blasting the U.S. military for failing to contain the spread of the coronavirus and allowing the Omicron variant to spill over to the civilian population.

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People who decide and sometimes force Okinawans to welcome those troops can easily cut budget anytime while living thousand miles away from Okinawa, just to make Okinawans obey.


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Never waste a chance to blame the US military for some problem.

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Right. They fly in on USAF or Navy planes, and until recently they went untested for Covid.

Wrong, they WERE tested until September of last year, and then stopped, after the vaccination rates increased and it was not considered necessary.

Oh and the majority fly neither USAF or Navy planes, they come in on chartered civilian airplanes.

They were forced to start again because nearly 1000 members have tested positive in the past three weeks or so.

Denny can blame the military all he wants, but he also should be pointing his fingers to all the JAPANESE tourists that flocked down here during the New Year break!

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It was not insufficient, it was non-existent as Omicron was ramping up in the USA. USA military was flying on civilian flights untested unlike everyone else on the plane as required by the Japan government. Today the USA had one million reported infections, the highest one day today ever recorded. Okinawa will suffer now because of this crime against the people of Okinawa.

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