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I can understand the feeling of being afraid of becoming infected, but those living outside the prefecture are people just like those in Iwate. I want to call on everyone to cooperate in implementing measures to prevent infections.


Iwate Governor Takuya Tasso. Iwate Prefecture continues to be the only prefecture where there have been no confirmed COVID-19 infections. But that has led to an “us vs. them” mentality among some residents there as they seek to prevent any infections. Drivers with out-of-prefecture license plates have been harassed or had their vehicles damaged.

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We will not forget your acts Iwate. You will suffer the wrath of Japan once the Covid-19 is over.

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I think this is just silly! It is not a game, to see who is better than others. This is a serious, often deadly virus. We all know that there must have been, or are cases of the virus in Iwate, especially now that travel by shinkansen is back up and running, and the numbers in Tokyo are spiking. Let's just hope that they are prepared for their first reported cases and deal with it quickly and out in the open, not secretly.

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I'll be travelling to Iwate on Monday - I have to, for business. The car-rental place was welcoming on the phone. I'll see how it goes.

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It's like one of the only two or three things they've ever been known for so they are trying to soak up the sunshine and be bossy for as long as possible. When this blows over, they will go back to being largely irrelevant.

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