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I can't sleep for the several days between signing the orders and execution. I'm alone with no help as the justice minister has nobody to consult with on death warrants.


Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama, dubbed the "Grim Reaper" by some media. He said he visited the graves of his grandfather and father, former prime minister and foreign minister respectively, to calm his mind before signing death warrants. (Shukan Post)

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And if anyone believes this, I have some swamp land in New Jersey to sell you cheap...

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I wouldn't want to be the one to call a Justice Minister a liar, but the fact that he's signed death warrants for more people in one month than most justice ministers sign in several years betrays his true feelings.

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Cry me a river.

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If you can't handle the responsibilities of the job, then don't take it.

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Is this the same justice minister who "had a friend" who warned him about the Bali bombings, without ever passing on that warning to authorities? If so, then hoserfella's swamp land is looking an even better investment.

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what else is he going to say? I really get a kick out of signing death warrants. After the sucker hangs I head off to the nearest soapland.

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