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I consider myself very close to both ancient and modern Japan.


Actor Richard Gere, who is starring in an American version of the Japanese movie about the famous dog Hachiko. Gere has been to Japan eight times since the early 1980s.

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Being in Japan 8 times is not enough to make such an statement. One has to live here several years. I really doubt he knows what he is talking about.

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Well, what do you expect him to say? That Japan is a mysterious country?

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Yeah, well, I've been there 7 times since 2004. So I'm closer to it than him. Although he's probably several degrees closer to Kevin Bacon.

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I've been there 9 times. But I ain't Richard Gere, so no one gives a heck.

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Sorry, 10 times.

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i suspect he might be taking the pish

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8 times. Wow. He's truly at one with the land of the rising sun.

I wonder how many hours he's actually spent in Japan though, as in being a tourist and wandering around rather than standing in front of a camera posing.

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he made a film with Kurosawa, that's all the cred he needs

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And least he's not all "I have so much respect for Buddhism and stuff" like Madonna. I still respect Cyndi Lauper though, she sneaks into Japan with the media unaware so she can take in the country without the circus around her.

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