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I deeply regret that I did not understand Mongolian history and culture. From now on, I will sincerely study and respect the history and culture of various countries (and reflect them) in cartoon descriptions.


Asumi Yoshino, the author of a cartoon mocking the founder of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century with a crude sketch of male genitalia across his forehead. apologizing on the website of publisher Shogakukan. The company is withdrawing the latest issue of the monthly cartoon magazine after it drew a barrage of criticism from Mongolians.

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It was not like anyone really had a dxxk in their forehead in the history though. In other words, it is not about knowing about their history but having a respect to other culture or people basically.

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Ummm... yeah, he's going to live up to his promise just about as much as he is genuinely sorry for now knowing more about Mongolia and Mongolians. Right.

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Getting facts right in a manga?

not that important surely???

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One shameful story in the relationship between both countries...

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