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I don’t think any of the people who created the subsidy system have ever worked in a hotel.


Makuri Nakayama, who runs You.Japan Inc, a Tokyo-based company that develops apps for tourists and accommodation facilities. She was referring to customers and service operators complaining about cumbersome procedures required to receive discounts on domestic tour packages.

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Oh, it would not have mattered if they had ever worked in a hotel. Efficiency and convenience is never part of the brief. The idea of such bureaucracy-generated schemes is mainly to create more work for them and expand their fiefdom a little and have the peons running around collecting papers and often having to hand them over personally to show them once again who runs their lives. Of course, if you are a big company, well then things might be a bit different but only because there might be some mutual back-scratching involved.

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Come on now, don't just hide behind your thumbs down click, show us how efficiency and convenience for small companies and the public is behind bureaucratic thinking.

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