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I don’t want to preempt or try to guess what’s going to happen. It’s not a question that we are afraid or not afraid, we’re dealing with 160 markets in the world, different powers, different policies,


Nissan and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn, saying he was watching the incoming Trump administration closely and would respond to whatever policies it adopts. (Reuters)

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Smart guy that Carlos G!

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How do you adapt 'your strategy to different polices' if you don't 'pre-empt or guess what's going to happen' in terms of 'the poilices' you are 'adapting your strategies' to. Carlos Gibson may be a smart man-and sometimes saying something that sounds impressive but says nothing is smart...but it can also be perceived as being cagey or incompetent if directed at a careful listener...but for the Trump administration, I'd say its perfect.

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