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I feel like the LDP will protect Japan and restore some national pride.


Momoko Mihara, 31, who said she voted for the LDP in Sunday's election. (AP)

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Your two statements are of course correct, but.... the question was not about the government, but about the mental state of the japanese people on average...

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The purpose of government is twofold:

1) Get as much power as possible.

2) Convince the sheeple that this is a good thing, and that they're better of because of it.

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Age 31?

Well, that explains it. Japan needs another 1945, and it certainly deserves one....

Problem is... one may say what one wants against the US, but compared to China, even the US is a civilised country. So, Japan, brace yourself for the glorious future Abe will bring you. You elected him, and as the worldwide saying goes: Every country has the politicians that it deserves.

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I think Momoko is dreaming unfortunately. But I do think that Japan is its own worst enemy at the moment unfortunately. A change of attitude would do it the world of good.

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I feel we'll be going through this all over again in 12 months or less. Restore national pride? Not sure what she means.

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Idiocracy, a terrible movie with a great 5min intro suggests that current natural selection encourages humanity to breed out intelligence and breed a new species of consumer sheep who will believe anything they see on TV or read in a tabloid.

Sadly the movie's first few moments are not sci-fi. This quote is a clear example.

If you ask her what pride Abe and LDP will restore I am sure she cannot tell you. If you ask her what golden era of Japan they want back, they will not be able to defend against facts that earlier was not better nor will she be able to really give you much information about the time she dreams of restoring.

Like the Restoration Party, they are dreaming about something that doesn't exist. Pure propaganda and self-delusion. The fact is that neither the LDP or the DPJ showed any signs of actually contributing anything to the welfare of Japan and her people. And Japan has not definitive pride that requires restoration. Unless it is to reverse the sheepish weakness that now defines voters here.

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Protect Japan from what?

From China. Duh?

yes, thats a reflection of a national media infused lemming trying to rationalize things they dont understand.

Reminds me of the people around me while I was growing up. My doctor, who should have been among the smarter people in town, honestly thought that Muslims were trying to take over America.

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yes, thats a reflection of a national media infused lemming trying to rationalize things they dont understand.

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Yes and I feel like Santa will bring me a million dollars this year. I guess at least Mihara-san has a dream. Wrong and misguided thought it may be.

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Protect Japan from what?

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yes Ms. Momoko but not without the help of China and USA.

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