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I had breakfast with some U.S.-Japan think tank experts who said to me, 'Mr Ambassador, what can we do in order to strengthen the strategic, economic and people-to-people relations between Japan and t


U.S. Ambassador John Roos, stressing that "Japan is open for business" after exchanging hugs and kisses with the singer at an event. (AFP)

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This quote has two interpretations that leap out.

Japan is open for business as the AFP quote above says. or

That he sees the shallow, talento driven thinking that has come to dominate in Japan and does not take Japan very seriously.

With so many key issues in Asia Pacific to address, and the obvious need for US/Japanese partnership in resolving and facing these issues, such a comment is rather sad and diminutive to Japan. Japan should care more about putting forward a face that demands greater respect and make the world take Japan seriously again.

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Is this guy a left over from Bush`s terms?

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It does seem a little odd but really it may be one of the better ideas. For people to think Japan is safe to travel in again, there needs to be someone with influence showing just that. Although some people don't like Gaga, she does have a large following and by her travling around, people will feel that Japan is indeed safe to come to. That kind of publicity just doesn't work as well with politicians.

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This has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.

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Lady Gaga as a tool of the establishment? What a fake!

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Lady Gaga is well qualified to comment on nuclear matters-doncha know!

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If he meant it as a joke, I dont think its funny...Joke's on him!

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