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I have already seen Japanese guys showing off iPads they had bought in the U.S. at parties to impress girls. That's kind of the ultimate test in some ways, although I don't know whether an iPad is eno


Gerhard Fasol, high-tech entrepreneur and founder of Tokyo-based IT consulting firm Eurotechnology Japan. The iPad went on sale in Japan on Friday. (AFP)

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Damn! Now my Ipad has absolutley no use what so ever!

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This is what it takes to impress girls here? An iPad? Sigh.

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iPad to charm girls? You gotta be joking. I once saw a Far Side cartoon with a nerdy guy at the beach holding up a blackboard with math on it. A couple of girls were admiring him. Some sort of fantasy world.

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iPad? iShit!

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iPad to charm girls? You gotta be joking.

No he's not. He really thinks that girls care about gadgets like this.

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Japanese otakus drooling over their iPads are no worse than the morons who rushed out to buy them anywhere else.

Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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