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I see all of Japan's reactors, except those that are on fault lines, coming back on line over the next few years. Construction will resume on the two reactors that are in the process of being built.


Jun Okumura, senior political analyst at the Eurasia Group. (Christian Science Monitor)

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Public opinion be damned. The Japanese people are very low on the list of priorities of the Japanese government. And, hey, Obama won which was great news for his BFF and economic adviser Jeffery Immelt, CEO of GE. Meanwhile, Japan, Inc is getting tons of taxpayer subsidies to build wind and solar farms and other alternative energies which apparently won't be needed if this guy is correct - and I believe he is.

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Bingo! Said virtually the same thing to a friend of mine last month. Gosh, does this mean I can be a j-politician, too?!

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Is there any part of Japan not prone to earthquakes?

The whole world is being contaminated by nuclear fallout and will be for millions of years....

Let's keep nuclear power?

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