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I think Sapporo remains the most prospective candidate to host the 2030 Winter Olympics, but the issue of the Tokyo Games needs to be cleared up. It will be impossible for Sapporo unless the fundamental distrust is dispelled, no matter how much promotion is done.


Japanese International Olympic Committee member Morinari Watanabe. The fate of Sapporo's bid has been overshadowed by a bribery scandal related to the Summer Games in Tokyo last year. The host city will be decided next autumn.

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The fastest money printing country will of course get from the IOC those games easily and without doubts. And promotion is also not needed, because the prospects of some sold sake bottles, pieces of butter and cheese or a few packages with famous white-lover-cookies will finally convince even any remaining resistant farmer in the last corner of Hokkaido.

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Needs a few more 'urges',and more envelopes pushed into the appropriate pockets.

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Mr. Watanabe is either deluded or is in on the scam if he thinks pulling the will over everyone's eyes with a smoke and mirrors promotion will work regardless of how many minions take the fall for their superiors.

We want the top dogs to come clean!

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As if Sapporo will have enough snow for it by 2030! It may well have become the best place to live in Japan - you won't cook in the summer, and winters will be mild. Maybe they will move the capital again. Kyoto - Edo - Sapporo.

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And Mr Bach is kind, gentle man who hands out ¥10,000 bills as he wanders around Japan.


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Keep the gravy train moving at more speed eh?

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Sure let's bankrupt Japan again. Even China won't want to host the Olympics again for a very very long time.

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Sapporo's got it, no matter what. No other nation is quite as eager to wine and dine and pay the IOC like Japan is to get the Games, and then blow the taxpayer's money several times over without a thought to ensure a Games no one wants go over with a lot of self-promotion and aggrandizing.

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