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I thought careful consideration was necessary when discussing criminal punishments, including taking unique cases into consideration as exceptions. However, my comment was inappropriate even for an exceptional case.


House of Representatives member Hiranao Honda, who belongs to the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, apologizing for his comment that it is "absurd if a 50-year-old and a 14-year-old consented to have sex and the 50-year-old gets arrested," during his party's working team meeting on revisions to sex crime laws.

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How depressing that it isn't only Jiminto politicians who are completely lacking in common sense and morality.

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Yeah mate, a 14 year old is a child. It’s no misunderstanding that japan has a long way to go in regards to its creepy lolicon ways. What sort of 50 year old thinks it’s ok to have sex with a minor? Exceptional cases? Absurd indeed.

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Mr. Honda is 56 years old himself, which suggests he views it as OK for someone like him to have sex with 14 year olds. Which makes you wonder where in his life he got the idea that was somehow socially acceptable.

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So, what kind of exceptions would make it absurd for the 50yo to get arrested?

His new declaration fails completely as an apology, so he should be made to explain in detail what he is thinking.

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