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I was thinking about changing jobs, and I did what I did as a way to quit.


A former employee of a 7-Eleven convenience store in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, who lied about testing positive for the coronavirus, which forced the store to close temporarily from June 9-14.

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they can’t even get up the nerve to quit a convenience store job. This person is going to have a rough time in the real world

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Good luck finding a new job genius. The ore ore cartel may be hiring

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Moron. Just friggin' quit. Why put your co-workers in a no-income situation?

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The amount of worry this caused to other employees and their families must have been tremendous, never mind the customers who had visited this store. How many of them had to scramble for PCR tests, or trace their contacts and tell that they may have been infected too?

There's a stunning lack of empathy here for the impact that this would cause to other people. I don't know if legal action is available in this case, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.

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What an idiot, at least don't openly talk about it

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What a dumbass. Theres not alot of stores that closed. If I owned it, I’d sue him.

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You want to quit so you close the store and expose its trade to all the local gossip in Ibaraki. Way to go.

I'm guessing this would be very strong grounds for suing under civil law (minpo) and may even be criminal under the penal code (keihou) as obstruction of business.

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I can understand. A lot of people are non-confrontational and use self-sabotage to get out of an intolerable situation.

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I don’t know the whole story, but if I tell my boss I’m sick and they have to close because there isn’t another employee to do my job, there is nothing they can sue me for. They certainly should fire me, but I’ve broken no law. Shame on them for not having a contingency plan in place.

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considering the working conditions I am not surprised.

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I like this guy hehe.

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