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I was under the impression that babysitters who registered on the company's app were very caring. It never occurred to me that they could be sex offenders. What hit me hardest is that we, the parents, can be so blind even when our own child is being sexually abused.


Thee mother of a five-year-old daughter who was abused by a 30-year-old male babysitter twice between April and May. She hired the babysitter after her child's nursery school was closed due to the coronavirus.


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Sorry guys, babysitting is for the ladies.

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@Luddite, good comment. For almost ten years, ending two years ago, this 66 year-old man (me) worked with vulnerable people of all ages. To do that I was not only locally vetted by police, but also nationally, and quite stringently. Finger-printed, iris-scanned, criminal records check all the way back to my teen years. But that's Canada for you. Japan is a different story, altogether. And sadly so, in my opinion.

Every year I visit Japan (except this one, of course) I see evidence of interpersonal, inter-sex disrespect and abuse. I don't think it will change until after I'm dead. But I hope it does!

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A 30 year old male would not be my first choice !

Choose a 16 or 18 year old girl living a few hundreds meters away with some minimal experience (taking card of a nephew/niece for instance, with reference from others).

The article makes you think all males are perverts ;(

An app team does not verify anything. Other people do vouch their experience.

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If you don’t have a sex offenders register and criminal record checks for those working with children or vulnerable adults then of course paedophiles and perverts will choose to work in these areas. Many deliberately choose careers that brings them into contact with and power over potential victims.

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Using Google is a real challenge, eh?

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Does anyone have the link to the original story? Can't find it

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