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I wonder if the new standard will mislead consumers into thinking that wines using materials from overseas are inferior to Japanese wines wholly produced in Japan.


An official in charge at a winemaker in northern Japan. The National Tax Agency is preparing to establish a new rule that will require wine labeled as Japanese wine to be wholly produced in Japan using domestically harvested grapes. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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It's unlikely that anything could make Japanese wine taste any worse. I've tasted a few, mainly from Yamanashi, and they've all been awful.

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Go to any reputable wine seller OUTSIDE of Japan, and you won't see any Japanese wine.

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@Gaijininfo: Go to any reputable wine seller INSIDE of Japan and you won't see many Japanese wines either.

Of course, Japanese perception of what is good or not, is completely different from say, what a French man might say. As some say, Japanese wines I've had have also been awful, but my wife and J-friends like it... so there is that.

Additionally, the wine rules are already pretty ridiculous as it is. For example, shops can label a wine as Beaujolais nouveau even if it has been mixed with other wines as long as it contains some arbitrary % of Beaujolais.

Finally, considering that you can only technically call certain wines by certain names if they're made in certain areas, I highly doubt they will ever lose popularity. (eg. Sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if it's made in the region of the France named Champagne)

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I'm not a wine drinking, but a self-professed 'wine snob' I know from Spain is quite a fan of a number of Japanese wines. Enough that she always brings home a few bottles to her family in Spain.

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Japan is not an ideal country for grape wine. It's too rainy. There are, however, some very good beers. There would be a lot more if the tax agency would reduce the massive beer tax.

Then people wouldn't need to buy those ghastly happoshu's.

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I feel sorry for writing this, but ... I think it's highly unlikely that any seasoned wine drinker will ever mistake Japanese wine as being "superior" to any other country's wine.

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Why make wine when you can sale a a bunch of grapes for Y1 million. Remember the a few week back. Any way making wine from grapes is a waste of good grapes. All alcohol beverages tastes like crap. Beer smell like a english backpackers week long of dirty laundry. Wine Tastes like sour vinegar and spirits tastes like racing fuel. The next day drinker of alcohol smell worse then a English backpackers week long dirty laundry.

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This guy's logic is strange. Does he think no one in Japan has heard of great wine being made outside Japan?

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This official is clearly BEYOND clueless LOL!!!!

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A Japanese wine industry will never get a foot hold in Japan. You will never make the a return per acra in Japan compare to other crops in money terms. Has for growing wine grape in Japan the best area would be Gifu and the Nagano. Both have volcanic soils and good climates. Area s like Izu Peninsular would perfect for fortify wines and Liqueurs. Japan make a great Plum Liqueur I have been told by a expert in wines. If promoted correctly to the young green Organicites it could became the new Red Bull.

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They have the potential for developing a good vinegar industry. The liquid that 'Mercian' put into their bottles would be an initial candidate.

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I don't know John-san, they do a really great job with whiskey. In fact, they are so much better than 25 years ago, the difference is incredible. Maybe in 25 years, we'll see some really awe inspiring wine products quality-wise.

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@Peacewarrior: Who knows, we could see new varieties better suited for Japan.

As is, Japan just doesn't have the landscape to grow the best of the best grapes. Everything else though from processing to having professional staff to make the wine I am SURE is possible.

It might be worthwhile for scientists to consider breeding a better suited grape for Japan.

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I'm not a wine snob like some. If I try something and I like the taste, that's good enough for me.

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True enough kaynide. I hope I am still around in 25 years. I'll post my reviews then!

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