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I’d like to hand over the job of president to someone else as soon as possible. Though I don’t adhere to the notion that this person should be Japanese, I hope the person has Japanese business sense —


Tadashi Yanai, president and chairman of clothing giant Fast Retailing Co, which operates the Uniqlo stores. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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It's all about the DNA?!?!?!?!

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More proof as to why Japan is losing out in today's globalized markets.

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Hahaha! He had me until the "Japanese business sense" oxymoron.

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Rets not grobarization!

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This quote shamefully reflects the parochial snobbery that prevents so many Japanese companies from building a strong international workforce and gaining respect globally. It's too bad, and my image of Fast Retailing had been that of a somewhat internationally-minded entrepreneurial company.

Also, note that this 'DNA of Japanese businesspeople' quote was reported befittingly by the right-leaning Yomiuri Shimbun — the same newspaper that recently apologized for its English-language reporting of the comfort woman issue.

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Makes sense, lest some moron turns it into another A&F or Gap

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Japan Business sense is backwards, some companies thinking here is totally skew and they cannot make clear decisions or understand simple concepts, so I guess fast retailing will be going no where in a hurry.

Sometimes trying to do business here with these people and their backward thinking drives you nuts, they cannot grab simple common sense and ideas let alone implement them for crying out loud.

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I hope the person has Japanese business sense — something like the DNA of Japanese businesspeople.

Absolutely. Let's hope he has the business sense/DNA of the folks who have led Sony into near destruction, as well as the other electronics firms. Or maybe Olympus, which committed fraud for well over a decade. Or maybe, TEPCO, another shining example of Japanese business acumen. Disgraceful comment from a supposed leader of a multi-national company.

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@jerseyboy, right on!!!!

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Just ask Sharp, Sony, etc....

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