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If a Japanese submarine intrudes into the territorial waters of South Korea, North Korea or China, it will be bombed. Why doesn't Japan do that?


Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara, advocating a strong military line against China over the dispute, centered on Japan's arrest of a Chinese fishing boat captain in disputed waters. (AFP-Jiji)

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I can't WAIT for another ten more years until ALL of these fossils will completely DIE off. This fool wants, WANTS to provoke a war so that......Japan will...WHAT....be able to create a new military and WHAT, take over the world this time, for real? I can't imagine what GOOD would ever come from this situation. Thank God, he is not prime minister.

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Ishihara thinks Japan is no better than NK or China?

I do not understand why people vote for this man.

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Dear Lord, will someone please, PLEASE staple this man`s mouth shut? Useless, useless hateful man.

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I sure hope that he really does retire after his present term in Tokyo. It's very easy to ask someone to do the bombing, but when a war starts, you can bet your nelly he won't be at the front doing the fighting.

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