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If Abe falls out with China completely, it will be detrimental to him at home and abroad.


Shi Yongming, a former Chinese diplomat to Japan and now a research associate at the China Institute of International Studies. What was meant to be a landmark year for Japan-China relations has turned sour, as the U.S. standoff with Beijing leaves Prime Minister Shinzo Abe caught up in a fight between his country’s biggest trading partner and its sole military ally.

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No sleeping with the enemy.

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A common theme with Chinese power players. A plea to turn the other way, drop your conscience and very valid concerns about the Chinese 'model' being pushed and also well timed, but fairly obvious veiled threat. As America self-destructs expect more of the same. Master opportunism is their thing.

"Come do business with us, we right our own laws and rules and discard them accordingly!"

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This is doubtful. China's abuses have only increased and getting out of China's grip would be a way forward for other nations who honour their democracies

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Yes, but the chain of command is Putin, Trump, Abe, so what are you gonna do?

anything and everything not to fall into the trap. At least our institutions, far from perfect and bursting with the stress and challenges of the time are better than the alternative.

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It is for the world to hold those responsible for all death and destruction spread in the world through Covid 19 and must be made to pay compensation to all those who are suffering and suffered enormously due to it..

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