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If an unspecified number of people stay at a single apartment, they could make the room dirty or not abide by rules on leaving garbage out for collection, thereby adversely affecting the properties' v


An executive of a real estate agency in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district. Some people rent apartments in Tokyo and other areas and sublet the properties to travelers without the apartment owners' permission. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Getting ready for 2020. Not.

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Somebody is going to lose money. That is all it is.

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For pete's sake! ONE person can leave a place messy, get the gomi thing wrong!

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My mother-in-law in China rented a 3-bedroom flat out to a young fellow. He subdivided it and squashed three or four families into it, without permission. Don't remember how it was resolved.

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My complex has had a couple of problems. In both cases they were were weird single guys who refused to move after their rent payments had ceased. Both lived alone.

Garbage collection? But there are more people to take out the garbage.

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[Disclaimer: I don't like any of those AirBnB things[

Oh, noooooooooooooooooooos. We're hosting the preeminent international sports competition and....

don't want foreigners and their foreigner ways.

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The real estate agents are worried about competition. They have a nice racket here, it is almost impossible to get an apartment without using an agent, and of course all of the agents have set a common minimum fee for their services. Price fixing is technically a crime in Japan, and I would rather see their lock on prices and the market broken before hesring them complain about people subletting apartments.

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Poor babies! You have to spend some of your ill-gotten gains, when that money should have been going into your Cayman Islands account...such unthinking, uncaring tenants.

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If you have issues with that, than get rid of the BS key money and the so called deposit (which no one gets back) and start renting without an agent.

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