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If any one TPP member country is allowed to claim exceptions for perceived sensitive products then other TPP partners will inevitably demand the right to do the same.


Joint statement by cattlemen's associations in the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, pressing for the complete removal of tariffs under the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. (Jiji Press)

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Man, it would be an AWESOME miracle if they simply got rid of tariffs on EVERYTHING...sadly, that'll never happen..

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The theory is sound, but what actually happens behind closed doors negotiations is another issue.

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Way to go guys! Japan needs to get its act together and negotiate the removal of ALL tariffs especially rice. If Japan doesn't want to play by the rules, it should be expelled from the TPP negotiations.

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And this is why 'free' trade agreements are anything but. The cattlemen have a point though - beef in Japan is disgustingly expensive and of much poorer quality than that from Canada and Australia. Don't know about US beef, prefer to chow down on the the best.

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