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If it's not certain they can pass the exams, it's unavoidable that job offers decrease. The system has struck a reef, and fundamental reform, such as extending the length of time people can stay, is n


The manager of a nursing home for the elderly in the Tohoku region. The number of job offers from domestic hospitals and nursing care facilities willing to accept Indonesians and Filipinos as potential nurses and nursing care workers next fiscal year stands at 177, only about half the number of such offers for this fiscal year. (Daily Yomiuri)

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Why not just approach students who are entering Japanese universities, and offer a deal on their tuition. THESE people will have the language skills to do with this, but these salaries SUCK, and that is the REEF. That is why they are approaching third-worlders because the wages are third-world. Shame that the nursing care industry is at this point. Really!

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from looking at the way some nurses go about their job in hospitals back home,i would much rather be looked after by a phillipino/indonesian carer. their bedside manner and character are great and they are hard working and conscientious unlike some others who would turn their nose up at such a difficult job.a tv report about such foreign nurses in japan showed how crazy the amount of difficult kanji/medical words they have to know to pass exams in such a short time

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