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If the daughter, who is an elementary school student, goes back and forth between the parents' homes for 100 days a year, it would be a physical burden and would affect her relationship with her schoo


Tokyo High Court Judge Yoichi Kikuchi, overturning a Chiba family court decision last year that granted a father custody of his 9-year-old daughter because he was more inclined than his estranged wife to allow greater visitation. The parents separated in 2010 and the daughter had been living with her mother since then. However, the Chiba court decided last March under the "good parent" rule (which grants custody to the parent most willing to grant greater visitation rights) that the girl should be handed over to her father who has not seen her since September 2010 (Kyodo)

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Then PERHAPS the court SHOULD have allowed him to see her!!!

Unless the father had some issues that warranted no contact THEN its the COURT that has messed this up!!!


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What a messed up ruling.

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Yes, going back and forth 100 days of the year would affect her schooling. But her father hasn't seen her for even ONE day. How does that affect her emotionally? Utterly ridiculous. They could at least grant visitation over holidays and weekends.

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Cue fewer divorces and kids blaming themselves for their parents' unhappiness. Screwed up.

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Doesn't it depend on how close together the two homes are? 100 days a year means weekends. It's not much of a "physical burden" to go to another house at weekends, especially if it's nearby.

If the mother was more reasonable there would have been no need to involve the courts.

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