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If the inoculation rate for Japan remains so overwhelmingly low, it’s inevitable that compared to other countries, the recovery of the economy will be significantly delayed.


Toshihiro Nagahama, chief economist at Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute.

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The real problem of almost all worldwide economies , businesses and private households is, probably you and me included, that nothing has been or could have been spared for bad times, but everything has immediately been consumed completely, plus debts made, to make it even worse. Ten or twenty percent of all profits / wages made in the last decades put anywhere untouched, and everyone could now even stand several pandemics at once. Of course we all know, that almost no one has really done that, so we have to suffer now. There are even ancient greek fables on that topic, written by Aesop et al., so it’s known for many centuries, but nobody cares until it hurts.

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Japan have zero logistics/distribution plans for the general population. Those vaccines they bought are just gonna expire in storage. Japan is not even gonna finish vaccinating their 36M elderly population before end of 2022. Japan vaccinate a maximum of ~100,000 on weekdays atm, but only 10,000-20,000 on weekends. However, I highly doubt Japan can perform at maximum capability over a long period of time. So zero hope to get vaccine before 2023.

Interestingly, there's almost zero coverage of Japan's low vaccination % compared to other countries, only praises for the government here and all over the media.

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but unbelievabley, the Yen is way too strong.

I await your typical “Yen should be $1.00 = ¥150” post.....“Tom.”

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If people are not sick, what does that have to do with the economy? The economy has been sluggish for 25 years, but unbelievabley, the Yen is way too strong.

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For a country so hell bent on improving their economy, they sure are going at this in the wrong way. S. Korea's already at 2.5 mil and we're only at 1 mil and the Koreans started vaccinating after Japan (not to mention almost 50% of the US and UK).

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People in important places got used to get away with snail paced "progress" in the medical field, now that speed became key to dealing with the pandemic the consequences are felt. The worst thing is that something to obviously wrong in any other developed country would be already changing, just not in Japan.

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The plan seems to be buy a lot of vaccines. That's it. Somehow the stock will magically vaccinate the citizens.

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Well tell your gov't and bureaucrat chums to get on the ball there Bucko.

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Captain Obvious here...

Can I be a chief economist now?

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