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If the pope visits Japan and offers prayers for the victims of the 1945 atomic bombings, it will provide great momentum for realizing a nuclear-free world.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, inviting Pope Francis to visit Japan, during a meeting with Archbishop Paul Gallagher, who serves as the Vatican's foreign minister. Pope John Paul II was the last pope to visit Japan, in 1981. (NHK)

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This idiot PM is more interested in furthuring his right-wing policies and getting EVERY foreign famous leader to come to Hiroshima and Nagasaki than he is in gettting the economy up and running. Why doesn't he spend time fixing the economy that looks like its going to tank because of his horrendous policies? Unbelieveable. Do some real work for a change!

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If only the sentiment and message could politically stretch both ways, thus refrained from being undermined by senior members of Abe san cabinet's contradictory revisionist views and opinions that fit uncomfortably with the overall tone to the message that peace in a world free nuclear weapons is achievable and not a pipe dream.

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In the year 2371 Japan will still be milking it's victim status for some reason or another.

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He is a beacon of faith, hope, and charity for the believers.

Somehow I can't see Francis taking any wooden nickels.

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it won't. it will only play into the hands of the Japanese victimhood industry.

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I suppose he will do just that if he does come to Japan. He is a beacon of faith, hope, and charity for the believers.

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No it won't.

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Perhaps Abe should have continued by asking Gallagher when the Pope is going to be visiting North Korea?

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Meanwhile Japan appeals to the US not to have a non-first strike policy and drags its feet on the Humanitarian Initiative to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. Abe maybe thinks the world doesn't notice the hypocrisy.

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