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If we continue to wait for the next Koizumi, the next strong leader, we're going to be waiting forever.


Michael Auslin, a Japan specialist with the American Enterprise Institute think tank. He said that Washington's invitation to Prime Minister Taro Aso, who arrived Monday night for a 24-hour visit, was a broad signal "to the Japanese political establishment that the Obama administration is going to work with whoever is there. (AP)

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Another popinjay like Koizumi is some thing Japan does not need, forgive the olde English but it fits better than any modern word. Leadership is a skill, yes Japan needs a skillfull leader not a "strong leader" a strong leader is only required for stuborn assess so they can carry the load without thinking about the ass who has refused to carry it.

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"Japan expert and the American Enterprise Institute"? There are none there to my knowledge. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are no experts there of any sort.

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I'm sorry. Did he say "the next WRONG leader"?

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"Another popinjay like Koizumi ..."

A Nagata-cho popinjay Was Koizumi, some would say He did his utmost To privatize post Delivered, and then walked away.

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Sorry about the crappy formatting - return doesn't seem to work. It's a limerick ... (but you knew that). :-(

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