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I'm lost for words. It is shocking news. What about all the young wrestlers who were aiming to compete at the Olympics? They must feel shattered and wonder what to do now.


Three-time Olympic wrestling gold medalist Saori Yoshida, reacting to Tuesday's decision by the International Olympic Committee's executive board to drop wrestling from the Summer Olympic program from the 2020 Games. (NHK)

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aaah, come on, do not be so fuzzy.... Why should wrestling be at the olympics? It has only been one of the original olympic sports... now what qualification is that?

Golf is much more important, it would not actually qualify as "sport" in a sane world, but just think how much móney is earned with Golf.... and then compare that to how much is earned with wrestling?

The Olympic Organisations have gotten their priorities right!

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They must feel shattered and wonder to do now.

Do pro wrestling and get paid. If they don't mind being punched in the face, do MMA and get paid.

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If they really want an olympic medal, take up bobsleigh. They're already muscular and fit; it's just a matter of teamwork and technique after that.

I remember reading about an American guy who suddenly decided at a relatively very advanced age that he wanted to be an Olympian and went for the luge (or skeleton). He didn't get a medal, but he achieved his dream and got to compete with the very best. Inspiring.

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great list. I'd add ice hockey to that list.

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I agree about golf. I have no idea why anyone pays pro golfers so much to play such a dull and boring sport.

Taking out wresling and bringing back golf for the 2016 games is stupid.

Also, if anything, they should get rid of:

-dressage/jumping/eventing (anything horse-related), which aren't even sports!

-BMX, which is just messing around on a bike

-synchonized swimming, I don't even have to explain how stupid that is

-race walking, anyone who does that doesn't deserve a medal, they deserve ridicule

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So they want to get rid of wrestling from the Summer Olympics, but keep Curling in the winter Olympics?

Seems like any sport Japan dominates, the IOC gets rid of. Wrestling this time, Softball last time, what's next?

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