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In light of concerns about a spread of variant strains in the future, another state of emergency may well have to be declared during the national holidays in May.


Satoshi Hori, a professor of infection control at Tokyo's Juntendo University. Experts have raised concerns about a rebound in new infections as people start venturing out once the state of emergency is lifted nationwide.

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A voice of reason and sanity. What a welcome breath of fresh air

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robert maesToday 08:25 am JST

A voice of reason and sanity. What a welcome breath of fresh air

This. Spot on.

But our government doesn't listen to voices of reason, sanity or just people with rationality. They rather listen to some random oyaji from a different field of working. They have proven it so many times in the past.

Instead of learning from mistakes being done in Europe, USA or just any other part of the world and using the advantage of things happening here with a delay, our dear leaders rather have to do it the unique way. The more erratic, the better, it seems.

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I think if they want the Olympics to happen then they had better reduce travel until afterwards. That is common sense.

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Just continue this one straight through Golden Week

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And what exactly is it, that is completely different after those May holidays? What did the next set of Tarot cards say that professor about it? lol

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How about they get on the immunization of the population like other countries are doing instead this utterly useless state of emergency declarations and extensions?

They've had a entire year to cook up a roll out plan for these shots and they did jack.

The incompetency in the political sphere of this country is staggering.

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To be honest I am still undecided to be onboard with the olympics or not, but a SoE on May would be the final stone in its grave, there is no way the games can be held after that (or worse, if the games have to happen there is no way May will have an SoE).

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I think SoE doesn't matter now if there will be no foreign visitors for the Olympics.

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