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In preparation for the further spread of electric kick scooters, the central and local governments should promote the development of bicycle lanes where scooters can be used safely.


Kansai University Professor Hiroshi Nishimura, an expert on traffic issues. A draft amendment to the Road Traffic Law has been submitted to the current Diet session to allow people aged 16 or older to use electric scooters at a maximum speed of 20 kph without a license.

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If he read about the e-scooter situation in Paris,he could see the future.

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For a country that uses bicycles as one of the main forms of transportation, their lack of cycling infrastructure is baffling.

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Top-down instruction? No wonder Japan is slipping.

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Wow! Scooters versus bicycles, especially at peak traffic. I can just see it now: Traffic-cam video of accidents, near-misses, and road-rage, all coming up at the bottom of the hour. Stay tuned!

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Bicycle lanes???!!! Can we please have pavements/sidewalks first?

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How about bicycles lanes for BICYCLES. As it is, even sidewalks only serve as a good spot for utility poles, cyclists, and people who flick on their hazard lights to wait for kids to get out of juku, or to go by smokes. That's even IF there's a sidewalk... it's usually just a white line painted 30 cm or so from the front of houses or other buildings on a road wide enough for one car but with two-way traffic. Now how are they going to build "bike lanes for scooters" there?

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Thats utopia, bicycles are good to use in the country or in small cities, i mean less traffic roads, comon sense is enouff to evaluate the conditions to use it, i like to walk in the city and bicycle in the tracks of nature, let the unreasonable be killed by cars and than put flowers on the road...

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Please: There aren't even bicycle lanes where bicycles can be used safely.

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Judging by how Japanese ride their bicycles I'm expecting chaos. When doing my daily pickups from school there is always more bicycles riding on the right side of the road, not even the sidewalk. Starting to think that the average japanese thinks that the right side is the correct side to ride on.

They often show on the news how the police stop offenders, but it's always for the small stuff, like not doing a full stop at a stop sign or passing the rail tracks after the alarm started going etc, stuff that 99% would fail on. While I can barely go 10m out of my house before I see someone on a bicycle riding on the wrong side of the road running red lights while texting on their phone.

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25 k/h speed limit!! Beahahahaha!

Suggestion seems like a subtle public means of lowering expenditure on the aged and induce population decline.

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