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In the past, the focus of clothing for female athletes may have been appearance rather than function. The decision should be made according to the wishes of the athletes, with emphasis on function.


Osamu Takamine, a professor of sociology of sports at Meiji University who studies the relationship between sports and gender. There have been cases in Japan and abroad where videos and images of female athletes in revealing uniforms have spread through online and social media for sexual purposes.

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Please don’t have ice skaters wear pants. Their outfits augment their routines. The women that is.

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This professor is not connected to reality. The main role of sports competitions is entertaining people, not results and scores. If you dress sportsmen in functional plastic bags I am not going to buy tickets to see them.

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There is a reason why almost no dudes watch stuff like the WNBA.

just saying……

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wear a burqa. Problem solved.

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Yeah but sexuality sells more, so...

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It’s one thing if someone just wants to play sportsball. Please, enjoy yourself and challenge it to your full potential.

irs another thing if they expecting people to watch it and want to make money playing it.

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