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In upholding conservative values, this is one thing we cannot give in to.


Hidekazu Ozawa, an LDP Shimane prefectural assembly member, on opposing legislation that would give permanent foreign residents in Japan the right to vote in local elections. (Asahi Shimbun)

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what the heck does giving permanent residents the right to vote have to do with conservative values?

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Conservative = racist?

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Conservative = racist?

In Japan it does.

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Not much of a surprise - they don't want these people to have a say in their lives, they just want to collect their tax money.

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As if the voice of democracy were some sort of trademarkable "conservative value."

Ah, the glorious politicians of Shimane: Proving to the rest of Japan precisely why no one knows or cares where Shimane is, why young people are leaving the ken in droves, leaving behind the highest percentage of elderly in the entire nation, and was voted the prefecture most Japanese would least like to visit -- two years in a row.

It's consistently podunk, bass-ackwards fishermen like Ozawa in the Shimane assembly that keep trying to stir up the pot with their asinine nationalist campaigns for that little piece of rock, Takeshima/Dokdo out in the Sea of Japan. They even printed up these cute posters celebrating Japanese ownership of the rock and forced all of the elementary schools in the prefecture to implement a Takeshima Pride curriculum for the kids about two years ago.

For a real kick, check out their website:


Sadly, it's putzes like this Ozawa jackass who give decent Shimaneans a bad name.

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we have the same kind of debate right now in France. Europeans part of the Union can allready vote local, now there's a projet to extend it to all foreigners living in France. Of course there's lots of opposition to such project..

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