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In winter, dehydration creeps up on you. Not only bathing but also using an air conditioner, floor heating system or stove could trigger heatstroke.


Hideki Taniguchi, head of Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital Perioperative Support Center in Yokohama. He says the risk of heatstroke is also high in the dry winter season, when people often fail to sufficiently replace the moisture their body has lost. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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Heat stroke in winter. First world problem.

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Its very true. It creeps up on you. However, you can tell by the color of your urine if you are dehydrated or not. If your Urine is a dark or golden yellow, you need to go to the fridge immediately and get yourself a drink of water. Coconut water as well is an EXCELLENT way to combat dehydration as well as lethargy.

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or golden yellow

Unless you're taking some multi vitamins that will change my the color

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I hydrate with 3-4 beers every evening. never had heat stroke.

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Unless you're taking some multi vitamins that will change my the color

true. But still drink water to be onthe safe side. I like Reckless's idea though. LOVE BEER

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Very true. People sweat under their warm clothing, but are less likely to drink a lot of fluids as they do in summer. I'm sure this has an effect on the number of deaths of the elderly in winter.

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