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It's difficult to stand in line at stores because I can't see social distancing signs placed on the floor.


A guide dog user. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, visually disabled people have voiced confusion about keeping social distance with them. The Japan Guide Dog Association and other groups say that people may be holding back from offering help so as not to bother guide dog users by touching or talking to them because such actions may increase infection risks.

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SandyBeach, that's your experience. Mine is different in Tokyo. Constantly having to tell people to backup in line. Even with the distancing footprints clear on the floor. Cafes, supermarkets. Had a guy in the supermarket last week literally checking out with me.

Can't see how you can mark down my post - it's purely my experience. Not an accusation.

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Japanese with normal vision don't bother distancing in stores so why pressurise the visually impaired? The amount of times I have barked at Japanese squeezing up in line desperate for their lunch. They have this weird discipline about everyone wearing masks, even outdoors, but don't flinch when squashed in line in a cafe.

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@Tigers: I did not mark you down. I am not interested in the thumbs thing. I walked to Tokyo yesterday. 8 kilos from my home. Machida. Had no issues in any of the stores with social distancing. Only twice I asked the person behind me to step back politely and smiled and they did and apologized...within the last six months. Perhaps something about you attracts people to want to be near you? Kind looking, handsome? Beautiful.

Just politely ask them in Japanese to give you space and these people comply. Give it a chance.

And at Zichi, I help the blind and the homeless as well. And stay healthy and keep up the art.

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My message to the blind - don't worry, the average Japanese doesn't bother about social distancing.

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My message to the blind - don't worry, the average Japanese doesn't bother about social distancing

I agree. especially when I walk past watering holes and eateries. Makes my hair stand sometimes.

Tigers: I did not mark you down. I am not interested in the thumbs thing. 

Neither am I. I personally believe everyone should just post what they personally think and forget about whether or not people agree with them. I'd actually like to see it abolished.

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I find that people self distance fine here. Sometimes a very confused old person may not, but the likelihood of them having been in a Kabukicho cabaret the night before is nil.

Since November third, I have not had to tell a person to please back up.

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