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It's nice to be able to do same-day delivery of fresh seafood to Tokyo by train when flights have been cut due to the pandemic.


Konishi Kazuto, who runs a fish shop in Hakodate. Seafood dealers in Hokkaido have begun using shinkansen (bullet trains) to deliver to the Tokyo area hundreds of kilometers away.


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Non sense. Why not fish from Tokyo area ? No sea there ?

I am not an environmental society fighter but where is the common sense. Eat mostly local please instead of hundreds if not thousands of km transportation costs in energy.

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@Jonathan Maybe you’re even right in principle, but in this case.... Do you really think, the fish in Tokyo Bay is sufficient for the big population in the metropolitan areas only for even one day, while all the fishermen in Hokkaido and other coast areas get jobless because there is much more fish but only a few people living there? In addition, it’s also a question of taste (would you personally prefer to eat fish from nearby urban contaminated sea water or much more cleaner open sea of Hokkaido?) and also the availability of different kind of fish, most of them you won’t find near the Rainbow Bridge....lol

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