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It's unfortunate that athletes don't feel comfortable saying that they want the Games to go ahead.


Toshinao Sasaki, a journalist who has written extensively about how Japan needs to be able to have a healthy debate on issues such as the Olympic Games.


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It's unfortunate that the vast majority of the athletes put themselves over the lives of the residents of Japan and cannot stand up and say no to a major health risk. Reminds me of Pearl Harbour when almost everyone knew it was a really bad idea, but no one had the guts to say so and call it off.

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Many people want the games, but even more people do not want to go against common sense and better judgement!

Japan used Fukushima as a sympathy ploy. Then the cash grab by Tokyo for the events with no real finaicial assistance to Fukushima. Now that these "games" are turning into a hot mess, all of the original conspirators are no nowhere to be found hiding behind their tummy aches and amnesia.

Soon they start playing the victim card. Once the Olympics are over all the conspirators will start coming out of the shadows trying to claim some imaginative victory.

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Because there is always, always some だけどー.......... Like "I don't agree with Olympics during current situation, but we already spent so much money" or "I don't think it's a good idea. But しょうが無い".

Now it's just one big, messy mess. And since we like to organize everything, complicate and overengineer stuff, we have to interfere with that mess and make it even messier and that makes us hold more meetings, which creates more mess. People don't want to stand up and ask questions, but they don't realize it is their money that are being wasted. The decision should have been made by the end of last year at the latest, rather than constantly doing things on the fly.

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"Comfort is for the weak and unevolved. Grow up."

Pickle Rick

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I'm on the fence on this. I think it could be done safely if very strict protocols are erected and adhered to, but my final judgment rests with the athletes. If they are uncomfortable with the situation after all the sacrifice they’ve put in, we all should be.

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