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It’s hard to gauge a patient’s overall condition online, and I can’t get as much information about their health.


Sou Ishii, head of the Kudanshita Ekimae Coco Clinic in Tokyo. The government plans to make online medical services a central part of efforts to ease the pressure on outpatient services amid the threat of a simultaneous outbreak of COVID-19 and seasonal flu, but many medical workers have expressed concerns about whether influenza can be properly diagnosed online.

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Online is typically rubbish for medical diagnostics (and mental health treatment). The pandemic was catastrophic for dealing with other diseases. The collateral premature mortality rate from failing to diagnose and treat other diseases may be much higher than from Covid. You need to be examined by a doctor. Not Zoom, not AI, not on the phone, not robots and not avatars. Stop trying to cut corners that should not be cut. And don't expect lockdowns to become a viable mechanism of social control for flu. Even in China, people finally rebelled.

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If you have enough strength to lift a hand to use a 'phone and speak,you haven't got proper 'flu.

I've turned into my Dad!

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I used telemedicine a couple of times.

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