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It’s important for the entire community to work together to protect tourism resources and expand the economy, rather than allowing only travel companies to earn money. The concept of sustainable tourism has been drawing increasing attention amid the pandemic.


Yoshihiro Sataki of Josai International University’s Faculty of Tourism. The tourism industry is slowly starting to find its feet again, but is trying to prevent “overtourism” — defined as an undesirable impact on an area due to an excess of visitors.

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Don’t tell the government that. Companies are the focus not the people.

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Very important considerations that unfortunately are very likely to be ignored by the government, that appears only interested in protecting the interests of powerful travel companies even if that means promoting overtourism.

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There can be lots of issues with tourism, but I think they are best dealt with as individual problems and not some shapeless generalisation like "overtourism". New hotels in unwelcome places are a zoning problem. Crowded buses are a scheduling and traffic problem. Litter is a behaviour problem, which may be exacerbated by a lack of garbage cans. These problems are not necessarily related to large numbers of people.

You can still build a gawdy new hotel right by the temple in a town that gets half the tourists it got during the Bubble economy. In that situation, I would not blame "overtourism" or the "entire community" for not "protecting its tourism resources". I would blame the person in the town hall issuing the planning permission.

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LDP gets bribe from the likes of JLB, KNT, HIS or whatnot! It's all about making the rich richer! This Covid-19 and the measures attached to it are ALL meant to make rich people richer!!!

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its like barking on the moon.

gov works with ldp friendly big guys only.just wondering who really wants to travel to Japan these days

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If Japan wants Tourists, they need to stop treating tourist like North Koreans and show them some holiday humanity!

They need to finally agree on Covid protocols and stop being so darn wishy washy.

In the last 2 years they bait the news with stories and the next day and every day after change their policies!

Who in their right mind would plan a vacation here under those circumstances??

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I thought 'overtourism' had been 'fixed' by banning us foreigners. Do they want to ban the movement of Japanese nationals across prefectural borders as well?

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Do they want to ban the movement of Japanese nationals across prefectural borders as well?

Seeing as there is literally zero evidence pointing at that, I'm going to answer "probably not".

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