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It’s likely the LDP will seek to vote in a more popular leader in the September party leadership election. A lot of LDP lawmakers are concerned about their prospects under the Suga banner because the party leader is the face of the lower house election.


Yu Uchiyama, a professor of political science at the University of Tokyo. He says that with poll numbers falling as sharply as coronavirus cases are rising, questions are emerging as to whether Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga might join the long list of Japanese leaders forced out after short stints.

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Suga will prevail!

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Suga will prevail!

I sure hope so...because under Suga LDP is bound to loose a lot more seats than if someone more popular like Kono takes over.

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Suga will prevail!

I hope not!!!

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It doesn't matter who's PM, it's a revolving door for the LDP honcho with the fewest powerful enemies at the time, and there's no viable opposition party. That's why it's still 1973 here.

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