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It’s not only about saving food, but also offering support to people in need, which makes us feel that it’s worth doing.


Yukie Yamaguchi, an assistant manager of convenience store operator Lawson’s sustainable development goals promotion office. Lawson has started an experiment to provide unsold fried food at one of its Tokyo shops to a special cafeteria that offers free or inexpensive meals to children. The first of its kind in the country, the experiment is aimed at reducing food loss and waste as well as assisting with childcare.

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More likely the fried convenience store food will be detrimental to these kids health.

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Good job Lawson!

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just other business idea to reduce own loss.sure poor people will enjoy your fried "food"....

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Love this idea. Should be done throughout the country. Not only for kids, but for all down on their luck or needing a little help.

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Why just fried food? They have other perishable items that could be included: onigiri, sandwiches, bread items, milk, and salads might have shelf-lives of a few days, but they still probably throw a few away.

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A good first step.

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While with only a little bit of logical thinking one surely wouldn’t give the few remaining children overdue and unhealthy food, laying a very bad ground for their development, nutrition behavior and future health conditions. Normally one would try the opposite, to give them the best, most expensive and healthiest available so that they can stem the society problems and workload when grown up later.

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