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It’s predicted that crimes committed by foreigners will increase. We want to resolve the shortage of interpreters as soon as possible so that our investigations will not be seriously hindered.


A  senior official of the Osaka prefectural police. As the number of investigations into crimes by foreigners across Japan has increased, the Osaka prefectural police is suffering from a shortage of interpreters, who attend the questioning of foreign suspects.

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I believe this is the most recent national data on crime by foreigners. My Japanese isn't good enough to read it. Perhaps someone could determine the extent to which "the number of investigations into crimes by foreigners across Japan has increased".


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Thanks for the link.

I just gave a quick look obviously, but it seem the number of arrest of foreigners have been decreasing between 2004 and 2015 (no data after that, graphics on page 9). So I don't know how they "predicted" a rise in crime.

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Since justice system in here work in getting confessions no matter what. It's easier for them to get people confess using own language.

Even statistic show the opposite about crime rate by foreigners.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent


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there's a dire need for protection of foreigners victimized by Japanese or anyone while in Japan, police are infamous for lying, destroying evidence, fabricating reports, failing all due diligence protocol, sending bogus reports to prosecutors who fail to investigate and just pass the buck. When foreign victim tries to get justice they must hire a Japanese lawyer who may very well be corrupt, pay exorbitant non refundable legal fees all the way up the legal chain through court after court. All this take time and foreign visitors won't be here that long to attend court sessions but they will be invoiced plenty.

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The charts show an overall decrease since 2015 due to visa overstays which accounted for more than 45% of the total being cut by more than half, but an increase in theft (5%) and violent crime (14%).

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Well, yes and no. If there is an increase of foreigners of, say, 200% per year of what it was a decade ago, and crimes go up, say, 1%, then the overall rate of crimes committed by foreigners goes down. Technically, the number of incidents may go up, though, of course, but that's part and parcel with wanting and allowing in exponentially more.

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It certainly isn't a pretty statement, but the Japanese want to keep their country the way it is. They don't want it overrun by "other" people. But it is being inundated with cheap labor and it is their own fault. The Japanese are destroying Japan and as usual they don't want to take the blame for it.

Tourists don't pay sales tax because it increases sales, but Japanese must pay 10% tax to make the economy grow. It is too expensive to have a large family and the Japanese have made it that way.

The police would never make the same statement about Tokyo Giants fans because he would be fired for offending them. He would have to be careful how he worded a statement about them.

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The police would never make the same statement about Tokyo Giants fans because he would be fired for offending them.

Do Tokyo Giants fans speak a foreign language?

I understand the police official could have worded his statement more carefully, but he’s really just saying, “sometimes foreigners commit crimes. We have trouble communicating with them so we need interpreters.”

Or would you rather the police conduct investigations and the courts sentence/imprison/deport foreigners without an interpreter?

If he said “we don’t need no stinkin’ terps! We investigate these here furrinerz as we please” you all would be in heaps and demand an interpreter be present.

This is a damned if you do situation. If the Police Force did not have interpreters, the same people claiming racism for providing interpreters would cry the same for the exact opposite reason.

The statement has nothing to do with racism, perceived or not. It’s about providing fair and appropriate treatment to foreigners in the unfortunate occasion that they do fall foul of the law.

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They just bang you up anyway for the 23 days. Interpreter or not. The most unjust legal system I have ever heard of. Absurd to have to try and prove youre not guilty of something. Just encourages lazy investigating.

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