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It's important that China, as an economic superpower, complies with the rules of the international community and fulfills its responsibilities in a way that is fit for a large country for the further development of the global economy.


Takayuki Kobayashi, 46, appointed by Prime minister Fumio Kishida for the new post of economy security minister. Prior to his appointment, Kobayashi helped craft policies aimed at protecting sensitive technologies in supply chains and cyber security from China.

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Hope does spring eternal!

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Why should they, when the largest economy in the world doesn't?

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I mean sure, but I would say there are a few other countries that may want to follow that advice first. As far as international agreement on economic policies, the US embargo on Cuba (that literally the entire world voted to end except the US and Israel, for the 29th time) would be a good start. I can think of few other policies that every country in the world can agree is a bad thing.

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Well, when talking about (general) super-powers did the US and Russia or an economic super-power like the US, did these set a series of opposite precedents so...not holding my breath.

Being a super-power gives you all the leverage you need to exactly not do that, so why would you comply?

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I think more international marriages will improve mutual understanding and cooperation.

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Like Japan did when it was the number two economy?

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Great comment.

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While I approve of the sentiment, I question the probability of it happening.

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Why should they, when the largest economy in the world doesn't?

But the largest economy still respects and upholds freedoms and will and has sent aid to more nations than China, which will ensure that global society as a whole stays free as a model to what democracy is and can be, not under China, never. China already is distrusted by the entire planet, will it comply? It probably won't, but it needs the world to buy its junk and if the world starts producing better quality products that everyone could benefit from, it is possible to guide China more to the center and better grounded.

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That's rich, given that Japan often does not follow and asks to be an exception to the rule, trying to play both sides. How many Japanese companies in the Panama Papers again? More than 100?

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Where do a 800 pound gorilla sit, anywhere, they want too, Chinese leaders are subject too the same psychological pressure of the average person, why do they crack down on dissent, because they afraid the pressure might get too them

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