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It has shocked many in the country's publishing industry and prompted them to have second thoughts about the reliance on advertising revenues rather than sales.


Fumihiro Tomonaga, editor-in-chief of Esquire Japan, which will cease publication in May.

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This has happened similarly to a Japanese turned US version of a magazine. The American version of the ever famous NewType magazine ended publication back in February of 08 (ADV Media Corp). Was replaced with a "media pop culture" magazine called PIQ which was suppose to fulfill the remaining subscriptions of the debunked NewType subscribers, but they too failed only after four issues. Didn't really like PIQ too much though. Things going under happens. Just wish it didnt happen to things I liked reading though.

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C´mon. Have you ever read an Esquire? I have. And it´s boring. Unless you are the type who can´t sleep if you don´t get, tomorrow, the latest boston bag that perhaps other 10 men in the world already have. Another problem is that you have these cheap magazines in every conbini with the same bag on their pages (that´s why you see Js wearing exactly the same thing everybody else is wearing). The Army of Fashion Victims.

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Advertising revenues ARE sales.

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