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It is a blatant act to employ personnel from Dentsu for nine years in a row. A question arises over whether the post was publicly solicited or it was part of personnel exchanges with Dentsu in mind. It should be made clear how and why the Dentsu workers came to work for the government.


Ryosuke Nishida, associate professor of sociology at the Institute for Liberal Arts at Tokyo Institute of Technology. The Cabinet Secretariat's public relations office that is tasked with sending out the prime minister's office's information via the internet has accepted one to two employees from Japan's largest advertising firm Dentsu for nine consecutive years

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Filthy system, filthy people sold their souls for participating in a vile system that benefit only themselves rather than the millions who pay their exhobitant Salerys that they flaunt to cover their own faults as human beings.

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Seems like Dentsu is the deep state, the real government. Government can't attack them either because they can name names of all politicians taking bribes.

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Not a surprise, Japanese government contracts are pretty much all won based on who come up with a good scheme to provide the most kick-backs to the officials, whether through stock manipulations, overseas subsidiaries, or the very common amakudari. That’s why you always see politicians frequenting Ginza hostess clubs etc. easily dropping 10M yen per night.

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Silk-clads snouts at the golden trough.

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TIL there's reverse amakudari. Gotta exploit all the holes I guess.

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